November 1, 2017

Hotrods & Hotdogs

The NSRA Hotrod Supernationals… What a day.

Clear blue skies, the rolling landscape of Old Warden Park and a plethora of hotrods and customs as far eye can see.

This is hotrod heaven.

We park up on an alarming slope and drop anchor with the hope the car will be where we left if when we get back, a short walk over to the showground and we are instantly met by some absolutely stunning machines.

It was great to see so many international motors lining the show field, it certainly keeps things interesting at static events where you tend to see the same cars doing the rounds in the UK. I’m sure there were some excellent road trips, but the weather before the event was certainly grim!

The showground was absolutely rammed, trying to get decent snaps of some of the cars was a nightmare, but it was fantastic to see how well attended the event was. Perhaps next year I will just get out of bed a little earlier to beat the crowds.

From the rumours I heard the showground over-spilled the designated area, which may account for the slightly odd layout when trying to nose around the cars. Some had a decent amount of space around them where as others were wedged in tight. Either way, the quality of tin on display was mind blowing and certainly served as great inspiration for any wannabe hotrodders.

Whilst taking more detailed looks at some of the cars that took my fancy, the camera was firmly in the hands of the wife… She fired off some snaps as she is a very keen photographer, but it wasn’t until going through the pictures after the event that I noticed quite a strong theme… Dogs.

It seems that dogs and hotrods go hand in hand at these events and there was as much of a variety in breed as there were in makes and models of cars. Due to the intense heat on the Sunday, the event was later referred to as hotrods & hotdogs… Perhaps the NSRA will need to rename the event for next year 😉

Anyway, back to cars… Of which there were some firm favourites from the Riot camp at the show. This HUGE cummins swapped 40’s Ford flat bed hauler with a dinky (not dinky) turbo hanging out was certainly drawing some crowds, the engineering that has gone in to the tilting bed mechanism is hotrodding at its best, let alone all the finishing touches on this beast. One hell of a vehicle that likely overshadows anything you decide to stick on the back!

From large to little, this chopped and dropped jailhouse tin was on the deck! Why don’t more trucks have lakes headers, because they look amazing in every way… OK they might suit all trucks, but this thing just oozes awesome, with so many small touches to take in I had to just stand and stare for quite some time.

Trucks, trucks and more trucks. Yup here is another patina’d Ford sitting in the weeds, this is very much a popular look at the moment and I for one hope it doesn’t fade away as trends tend to, as these trucks and just mega. Certainly on the bucket list of tin to own. I’ll get round to pics of cars soon honestly…

After circling round the whole showground and having to double take at quite a few motors, it appeared there was an overflow car park to the overflow car park and hidden in there was more mega motors. This place was bursting at the seems with cool. Check out some of the motors hiding in the far corners of this place!!!

I’d say the shiny stuff gets over shadowed by the crusty and rusty stuff these days. Perhaps because some of the cars are a lot more approachable, more affordable and more about driving and thrashing rather than parking them up and cleaning them? Or perhaps that’s just us… Who’s to say, but getting away with having drive anywhere rods and customs by using the magic word ‘patina’ is the perfect excuse in our eyes.

The most famous, the fastest and most radical rat rod in the UK is never far from an NSRA event and we will never get bored of seeing it as it always evolves a little bit more every time too.

We could go on and on about the vast amount of motors at this show, but instead we will leave you with a selection of a few more of our faves.

Already looking forward to next year where we hope to spend a little more time at the show. Bring on Hotrods & Hotdogs 2018!!!!