November 25, 2017

Roadkill @ EBC

So at long last us here in the UK were told that the guys from Roadkill were going to be coming to the UK… Instantly chatter starts on the web and Roadkill fans in the UK all start to get a little bit excited.

Then a few days later they announce there will be a car meet at the EBC Brakes headquarters in Northampton (perfect for us living 10 miles away), then they announce there will be 200 parking spaces… Hmmm, this isn’t quite what we were hoping for… Then it goes down to 100 parking spaces with an email for ticket type thing. This did wonders to fuel more internet fire as everyone starts planning how early they are going to turn up to try and get in and so on, but ultimately this may explain the lack of complete carnage we were expecting when we arrived. This put a lot of people off.

Well, luckily we had a man that got his Camaro shortlisted for a prime parking spot inside the compound so this was our ticket in to avoid the (potential) crowds.

Upon parking up the Diesel Pump UK Dodge Charger flies round the roundabout just down the road and rolls coal, fire and brimstone out the side of the OM606 swapped American tin. Much much MUCH more on this shortly.

The place was actually pretty quiet, a few cars parked up on the side of the road outside EBC, but a very civilised and well coordinated layout of cars inside which was nice, I suppose. I’m not sure what we were all expecting/hoping for, I guess complete and utter carnage, but we were by no way disappointed.

As we got in before the gates opened to the public, we took this opportunity to snap some cars whilst we could still see them, the crowds did start to slowly gather outside and we began to feel as if we were in the walking dead with the hoards being held back at the gate until 10am.

David Freiburger, Steve Dulcich and Elana Scherr stroll through the crowds and in a side gate, after a quick gaze around the carpark it was time to cut the ribbon and let the mob in. EBC staff James, clearly tweeting his immediate excitement.

Once all the gate dwellers had stormed the car park the Roadkill guys fired up the mic and did a big hello, followed by a quick Q&A session…

ZIP TIE DRAGS AT SANTA POD?!?! Yes we are ready for this! We don’t know when, but we sure as hell know where and that is enough to keep us hanging on for now!

There were certainly some nice motors in attendance and some seriously good coffee. Big shout out to GAS Coffee Co. who kept us warm with some amazingly tasty beverages. Top work guys. Nom nom nom.

Cars, yes that’s why what we were actually here for… So let’s take a look at some.

This stunningly classic Plymouth Roadrunner sat here shining brightly in the sun was more HOTROD that Roadkill, but damn she was a looker.

Having just sold my 1931 Coupe project, this 29 Sedan fully caught my attention. Ratty as hell, small block Chevy v8 and a TURBO!!!! Damn I bet this thing parties hard on the road, owner Daniel Stone is a local chap so we will be catching up with this car in the new year and hopefully get some action shots too! (Daniel doesn’t know this yet)

Next up was this little creation that has been breaking the internet recently. Dubbed the ‘3-Type’ Jag all thanks to the Mazda 3-rotor motor tucked in the engine bay… yeah that’s not how they came from the factory! Epic car Pipey McGraw, check him out on Instagram to see more.

Jonny Smith of 5th Gear fame also rolled up in his 68 Charger which he had clearly spent a lot of time polishing up for the event… er no, not that type of event sorry! This thing is rough but ready riot, which is just how we like em.

Talking of Chargers, it’s time to circle back to the Diesel Pump UK guys… In the build up to this event, the good chaps at DPUK decided they needed to make a bit of a name for themselves, so thrashed HARD to put together a rather mighty machine. Tons of videos and build updates on their social media pages got us pretty hot under the collar in anticipation for seeing this thing in action.

It is [insert expletive] awesome.

Just, yeah, it’s great.

Such a super clean install of an OM606 turbo diesel motor typically found in a Mercedes. However it is far from standard kicking out over 700 BHP, this is a riot.

Does that look factory or what?! Excellent installation and it just looks so right! Huge automotive boner over this thing.

Top work guys and a well deserved best of show which was later awarded by Freiburger and Dulcich.

Other cheeky engine swaps that stood out to us, but perhaps not everyone, was this Lexus 4 cam motor, tucked deep in to the engine bay of the earlier shown 1950’s GMC Stepside.

The last motor to get a mention has to be this Mini Clubman van… Or is it?

I suspect if you peel back the shell on this car you will actually find an Mazda MX5, which is pretty damn cool. No idea who the owner is but a cracking job on gluing these two cars together.

We got pretty snap happy at this point so I will leave you with a barrage of pics. Big thanks to the Roadkill guys and EBC Brakes for hosting, we very much looking forward to the Roadkill guys spending more time in the UK.

Lastly a big thank you to Kirstie from Eurodragster for entrusting us with her camera. We sure as hell aren’t going to talk about the most embarrassing burnout competition we have ever seen.

Octane Riot – over and out.