January 17, 2018

Bicester Heritage

On a cold and frosty morning at 8am it was time to stumble out the house, defrost the car and set off towards Bicester where an old airbase has been transformed in to an automotive and aviation heritage site… and wow, what a place it is!

As I headed to rendezvous with a man and his Triumph Spitfire, I caught up with a couple of Yanks rumbling through Milton Keynes. The unmistakable shape of a 1965/6 Fastback Mustang was spotted following a Chevy Chevelle, just cruising gracefully from roundabout to roundabout. A sure sign of things to come later that day.

A quick coffee stop whilst the Spitfire warmed up, we then set off to our final destination.

Not without the tail of the trusty Spitfire sliding around all over the place as she screamed through her pair of twin Webber 45 carbs and made haste down the country lanes of Buckinghamshire.

Pulling up at the gates, we are met by what can only be described as every single Porsche in the UK. 99% of them are all new shiny looking ones which was initially disappointing based on this being dubbed as a ‘classic’ meeting. I am pleased to report though, once we made it through the ticket checks the new stuff parked all together somewhere so didn’t spoil the vintage feel the Bicester Heritage site upholds.

We got parked up and immediately had to find some hot coffee tasting liquid. It was FREEZING when stood on the open airfield with the wind battering away, once inside the main compound though, the wind was gone and the sun shining down made things quite pleasant.

Once we were refuelled it was time to have a nose around.

It’s like stepping in to a time warp, the buildings and their occupants are all automotive and engineering based so there is a hub of activity through each door with amazing workshop spaces made out of the old WW2 RAF bomber training stations that have been restored from their abandoned and neglected states of past.

What I like to refer to as ‘proper classic cars’ are the main makeup at this event, however it seems they are expanding to all clubs old and new… Now it’s great that this brings more people and money to the site, but it does take a little magic out of it when you see a lime green Lamborghini parked up amongst crank start coach-built masterpieces… Perhaps a review of parking will take place at future events.

Rant aside, brace yourself for a HUGE hypocrite moment, as one of our fave cars of the meet was in fact an 80’s Japanese icon. An immaculate AE86 Toyota Corolla. This thing just didn’t look real in fact. It almost felt like a full SCI-FI moment being surrounded by all this vintage tin, the gleaming Corolla almost like an advert of what is to come with the future of motor vehicles. There was just something a little magic about it.


A few more hot laps of the site on foot in an attempt to keep warm, a couple of traditional hotrods roll up and silence the crowds with their V8 burbles… Loud exhausts are a safety feature after all and should be encouraged for any V8 driver at all times.

At around 11am some punters were starting to filter out of the car park but an equal number were still flooding in, we however decided to join the ‘out’ queue as another day of working on cars loomed… That however is a different story.

In summary, we must encourage you to attend a Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble if you get the chance. It truly is an epic place and I’m sure the more they put events on, the better it will get.