June 2, 2018

OCS Paint – Open Day

Northamptonshire based OCS Paint, are famously known through the drag racing community, not only for their amazing paint and body skills, but their campaigned wheel standing cars under the banner of Williams Brothers Racing.

The work that these guys put out is second to none. This year they finally open the doors to this mysterious hotrod shop and let us rabble in to see what they get up to.

We weren’t going to turn this opportunity down.

As we roll in to the country lanes outside the workshop, the sun breaks through the clouds and we are set for a smashing day. The setup these guys have here has by far got to be one of the most impressive in the UK for the type of work they are carrying out.

Race cars everywhere, hotrods everywhere, muscle cars everywhere… Yeah this is exactly where we want to be, this is the place. Ample parking and a great stage setup for the bands later, it shows that these guys don’t do anything by halves.

We got here early in an attempt to get some snaps whilst it was quiet and we are so glad we did, there is so much tucked in to their workshops it was great to take it all in.

Dedicated paint and body shop, dedicated engine room and dedicated let’s make your car go faster room. This place really does have it all. As you can guess, they have moved on from just paint and body to full car restorations and fabrication. A 1st gen Camaro appeared to be getting the full pro touring treatment as a modern LS motor was being dropped in along with a full independent rear end, I bet this thing will be a total riot once done!

Next door, a ground up 34 Coupe was part way through it’s build (along with many other projects) which just goes to show you the extent of the work OCS now carry out.

It was hard to know where to look, I lost count of the amount of E-Types going through a restoration here.

After having a good nose around, we head back outside to see that more hoards of motors had rolled up and some really interesting machines at that.

One that stood out was this epic ratrod build, it was a true art car and not one of these fake thrown together pieces of junk. This had some real passion showing all throughout.

As the day went on, you could hear everyone getting more and more excited, talking about all things auto related. Whether that was the engine upgrades for their drag car or the restoration plans for their mk1 Lotus Cortina, this environment fuelled passion and desire. A great bunch of people all with a love for all things automotive. We caught a few more convoys rolling in through the gates as the sun continued to beat down and the bands start up.

No meet would be complete without a food van, guess what? They had one of them too! So it only felt right to partake in some grub and hide in the shade for a little while. We really hope this turns in to an annual event as it was a great venue and the perfect setup.

A real nice variety of motors and a great vibe to go with it. It’s not often you see a Pro Mod parked up at a car meet, but with paint this stunning it’s hard to imagine it has ever been raced… But we can tell you it certainly has been!

Huge thanks to the guys and girls of OCS, a fantastic insight to the work the carry out and one hell of a way to throw an open day guys! We hope the event was well received by all and they play host again in the future… hint hint.