June 2, 2018

Sunday Scramble

The fuzzy head from the night before fades almost instantly as the windows are dropped on the wagon and we head out on the empty Sunday back roads, sun blazing over the clear blue skies above, you couldn’t have booked better weather for this event.

Excitement sets in as we go to pull on to the main road, only to have to wait for a fleet of classic tin to pass. Before we even get to the Bicester Heritage site, the time warp has kicked in. We join the convoy and trundle through Buckinghamshire already grinning from ear to ear. However good the meet is going to be, you just can’t top the noise and feel of classic cars on the road and being used.

We pull up at the gates to BH at just a touch after 9am, the fields are filling nicely and entry is smooth and well organised. We park up, jump out and head for the coffee stands! Once refueled we begin our attack on this old RAF base and trawl the hoards of vintage automotive tin on display. This is the 5th anniversary for the guys at BH and based on attendance it’s easy to tell everyone was keen to celebrate this with them.

It was nice to see some of the regulars still attending the event, but the variety of cars at this meet was just incredible. Automotive gems tucked in workshops, behind sheds and under trees. It’s probably better to compare this to a gear-head’s Easter egg hunt rather than a car meet.

A photographers paradise is also an apt way to describe the setting of this venue, we had a good crack at snapping some of our favorites but there has been some absolutely stunning photography appearing after every gathering at Bicester Heritage. #MustTryHarder

Another big thanks to the Heritage crew, these events just get better and better every time… They certainly ordered to the correct weather this time too. Top works guys and gals!

Until next time.