August 5, 2019

Variety is the spice of life. Pt1

Over the past year there has been a huge mix in the automotive events that have been attended. Single make/model car clubs/events are some things that don’t quite add up for us, there has to be diversity, as this for us, sparks inspiration and innovation.

A trip to Germany saw another visit to the Magic Motors Speedshop, why travel so far to attend a small gathering of cars? Well, because the cars that attend here, are just different to what you see in the UK. A slightly different style, a slightly different take on things and you just don’t see these exact cars in the UK. After a while if you only go to shows in the UK, you start to spot the same cars over and over… Plus, the main man here has one of the most awesome drift-rods in the world, I absolutely love this car.

Whilst on this trip however, we looked for something else to do… 1 hour from Cologne was an event called ‘Classic Days’ tickets seemed reasonable and it was close, count us in!

Upon arrival however, we soon realised we had stumbled upon quite a serious event! This place was HUGE!

The Sheer caliber of vehicles attending this show was just mind blowing. It was as if we had stumbled in to a Bavarian Goodwood. Before we even made it in to the show there were fields and fields of cars hidden away and the surrounding farm land just made for an awesome backdrop for photographs.

We could have hung out here for the whole day just shooting cars as they rumbled round the parking area, but the intense heat sent us in a desperate search for iced beverages.

The show had it all, on track action, concours level static car displays and a huge auction house, that seemingly had some kids running riot jumping in all the parked up exotica… Who are we to tell them off?

At was at this moment the flight home was cancelled, a small spanner in the works, but what an amazing event to find. This will certainly be on the calendar again one day and I strongly encourage others to do the same.

A cruise back to accommodation to re group and come up with a game plan for getting home still offered some awesome photo opportunities.

Fast forward and we are back in the UK, this time mixing a couple of passions, but in moderation (this will become clear why shortly).

Another small car gathering which is bound to showcase an eclectic mix of automotive machines, mostly as this little meet was organised by Car Crazed Fool, an avid… Well, car crazed fool, who has himself an interesting collection of motors. The venue? A brewery. Now this is where the moderation steps in. A moral dilemma for beer loving automotive enthusiasts… On our best behavior we set off for Station 1-1-9 in the search of a couple of tasty half pints and some motors.

Based in Eye, Suffolk, this brewery knocks out some top notch libations and put on a great open day, our only complaint was we couldn’t drink enough beer! As expected however a good mix of cars old and new.

If we were to pick a single photo to summarise the day…

Now if that isn’t a diverse pairing, we don’t know what is!

Another cracking car meet, with something a little different thrown in. Yes we love big yanks and shredding tyres, but these little meets are nice and intimate, you get to learn about other people’s passions, what makes them tick and why they have chosen to drive the cars that they do. It’s funny how a love for sitting in or on something with an engine and wheels manifests in so many different ways.

It was around this time a new vehicle was purchased for us, but that is a story for another time…