August 5, 2019

Variety is the spice of life. Pt2

Breakfast meets are nothing new, but you can certainly go out of your way to visit new ones yourself!

One morning we head off, our destination, the Butty Run @ the Long Itchington Diner. It was cold, it was early, did we care? No. Any morning that involves getting up early to head towards a gathering of motors somehow doesn’t feel like an early morning. Maybe it has something to do with the 400+ hp side piped 1964 Ranchero that carried us there?

A cracking venue with limited parking made for a scattering of cars all over the place! Mostly hotrods and Americana, but some really interesting motors once more…

Next up for us was an event we had attended before, Pistons & Props held at Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton. This event has a mix of automotive and aviation machines combined in to one.

There is an array of static car club stands, of varying type, a slight lean towards some more modern classics, but a good splattering of old cog turners.

This visit was somewhat thwarted by rain however, so the drag demonstrations were a little wild and there wasn’t much going on in the sky. We did find some interesting things parked up in the ‘show’ area though that were very much our style…

The next outing saw us head for an indoors event, one that we had attended some years ago and thought it was about the right time to explore it once more in the search of inspiration and automotive archaeology. We set sail for the Classic Motor Show @ the NEC.

Wow this place had exploded in size since we were last here! To start with we had to park aprox 1 million miles away from the venue and pay a strong fee for the privilege too! Not that we were bitter about that or anything?

The event also seemed to have expanded at the same rate as the ticket prices, after a quick remortgage we were in, once again, not that we were bitter about it.

So many halls, so many cars, so many people! This show would be absolutely incredible if you could somehow gain access before the gates opened and actually get to take in some of the cars without being swept along in crowds of people. There were some truly amazing machines here, but so very hard to capture any of them on camera.

The end of 2018 was fast approaching and an impending delivery was threatening to arrive at any minute… More on that soon.