August 6, 2019

Variety is the spice of life. Pt3

The chariot that carries us in to this final installment comes in the form of a plane. Nothing too interesting, but it has comfy seats and after 8 hours of movies and Battleships, we touch down in the land of the free and begin car spotting.

Not that this was the purpose of this trip, but how can you not?

Whilst we were in the USA, something had landed in the UK… Finally after 6 long months a 4 wheeled friend had joined the family. Here starts a whole new adventure and one that will hopefully go on for some time.

Introducing, the Octane Riot Maverick, currently it doesn’t do much ‘rioting’ but that will come with time.

The adventure with this car remained very static for the first half of 2019, and has returned to being static as of writing this article… Yes there were two months of driving before more attention was required.

The workshop.

This place saw many days of work, many coffees, many laughs.

All new floors welded in, carburetor rebuilt and a general tidy up. She became a usable classic and hit the open roads. But not before making more friends down on the farm

A few little cruises around to make sure she was running good (enough) before committing to any longer journeys.

The next adventure was to take us to Santa Pod Raceway, there is an event here called Dragstalgia. Some really cool classes run at the event and the whole place has a real chilled out vibe. We set sail with our new found confidence in the Maverick…

However, that was short lived as the old girl started misbehaving just as we pulled on to the road that leads to Santa Pod… Hmmm, a quick check over and nothing obvious… So a limp in to the campsite and that becomes Sunday’s problem.

A cracking weekend was had and there were some really tasty cars in attendance.

The Maverick made it home most of the way perfectly fine, but started messing around again just before getting home. It’s time to dig in to her and suss out what is going on. Back to the workshop it is then!

This brings us up to speed at time of writing. The engine is now out the Maverick and looking to be overhauled or upgraded, There are a few more events we would like to get to before the end of the year, so time to pick up some wrenches and fix the chariot.

If anyone knows of any unique, quirky, small events that are worth attending let us know! Always on the look out for something a little different we can check out. Until next time…